Our Mission Statement

We aim to be the preferred local provider of trusted and affordable, social care and support services; so that those people can choose to remain living independently within their own home.

How we work?

Have you considered joining a local and experienced team of care workers, providing services that are consistent, responsive and flexible to people that use our services (Service Users), by listening to and understanding what they want. Respecting their choice, independence, privacy and dignity. That means; ensuring calls are on time, that care and support tasks are agreed, completed accurately and sensitively, also plans for care and support are updated regularly. To do this;

  • We recruit, train and develop care workers that provide the quality of service required. Care Workers after receiving comprehensive induction and training are supported and supervised by experienced Senior Care Workers; working together to provide the social care and support required. Care Coordinators manage the weekly rotas, care plan arrangements, and contact with care workers, family members and other agencies.
  • We provide innovative services that make the best use of new technology, aids and adaptations. For example, we are investing in new care management and medication administration software to improve social care and support service delivery.
  • As well as supporting and supervising new and existing Care Workers; Senior Care Workers respond to concerns about the changing needs of people that use our services, by checking service delivery. Care Coordinators arrange and manage the care and support required, with daily contact with Care Workers, family members and other agencies.


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Who we are?

Wendy Smith

Wendy Smith

Managing Director and Registered Manager

Wendy Smith started doing one shift as a care worker in 1987, quickly realising this was something Wendy could do well; she continued to work as a Care Worker and Supervisor, providing care services in the community and in Care Homes. Built on this local experience and reputation Wendy formed MSC Homecare in 2011; as the Registered Manager, Wendy daily directs and manages the growing team.

Contact Wendy

wendys@mschomecare.co.uk | 01782 823338

Nicky Lovatt

Nicky Lovatt

Responsible Individual, Director and Care Coordinator

Nicky joined MSC Homecare in 2011 and has been Care Coordinator since 2012. Nicky has worked providing care services for more than 20 years.

Contact Nicky

nickyc@mschomecare.co.uk | 01782 823338

James Wootton

James Wootton

Senior Care Coordinator

James joined MSC Homecare in May 2018

Contact James

 jamesw@mschomecare.co.uk | 01782 823338

Paul Foster

Paul Foster

Responsible Person (CQC) Contact

Paul joined MSC Homecare in 2013 and ensures the business meets the required CQC standards. Paul has more than 30 years experience delivering services for the NHS and Further Education teaching and support.

Contact Paul

paulf@mschomecare.co.uk | 01782 823338

Graham Christopher

Graham Christopher

Business Development

Graham joined MSC Homecare in June 2016 to support the development of the business recruiting Care Workers, developing care service quality and delivery using new technology. Graham has more than 30 years experience delivering and commissioning public services.

Contact Graham

grahamc@mschomecare.co.uk | 01782 823338

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Care Workers are the essential members of the team, please take our mini assessment here if you think working as a care worker is something you could do?
Or give us a call on 01782 823338 or email: enquiries@mschomecare.co.uk